Book Launch OMG You gotta come ....

I went in to the Big Green Bookshop - is it the last independent bookshop in North London?  It really is a great space for writers and booklovers.
 A Hippopotamus at the Table - my memoir out now on Amazon
A true story of a journey, a journey to a new life in Cape Town, South Africa in 1975.
Paperback available now on Amazon

Anyway I brought them a few copies of my book to sell.  Actually I was thinking about where to hold a book launch, but not sure if they'd be interested (confidence in my book seriously lacking - always need reassurance, dreading having reviews that rubbish it.... )  I know you're supposed to be confident and dynamic in promoting your book, but I'm trying not to be apologetic... well you might like it....some of it .... some chapters are Ok etc

I'm supposed to say 'Read my book everyone you'll love it, it's amazing.' I'm practising that one. Anyway Tim in The Big Green Bookshop offered to hold the book launch there and Simon (the co-owner) went 'Ooh, this looks really interesting, I'm going to take it home and read it tonight.'  or something....

Sooo... it will be there on SEPTEMBER 11TH at 7 pm... it's going to be advertised by them and public (OK you can only fit about 35 people in there).

You just have to come so put it in your diary.


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