Dolly Mix

My second collection of poetry will be published this week by Tambourine Press - it's called Dolly Mix - here's the cover - it's going to be a mixture of poems - mostly light themes that have been popular in performance eg.  with favourites like  New Shoes, Felucca Night and What was I Looking For, and more.  It'll be on sale at the Big Green Bookshop, lots of illustrations and variety... Launch will be Friday April 4th 2014 at the Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green, London N22 (020 8881 6767) at the Poetry and Music evening that I'll be hosting. Soon to be launched on Amazon and Kindle!

Now we must part

For Paul Edmonds – in memoriam

The storms that raged
pulled us all apart
our little gang.

We were linked each summer,
stayed close-ranked,
but the storms that raged
pulled us globally apart.
Lightly we slipped through childhood,
our bonded band of cousins,
together in the walkways
and seaways of Abergwaun,

together in that timeless time
that children stay within,
a place I see now distantly,
together in a different time,

but the storms that raged
pulled us all apart

One day again we'll catch lizards in the gorse,
run and play and swim,
light fires in the marine byways
of a spaceless time.

We'll be reunited
our beloved tiny group
and away from the storm
we'll be close again.