Poetry event 

Sunday 25th September 

2-4 p.m  at

The Little Green Dragon Alehouse, 
Winchmore Hill, London, N21 2AD

Mary Duggan Christine Vial - 2 excellent poets are reading.
Plus the Rev Mark Meacher and Melanie Smith.
I've been asked to read one 'eco' poem ..

Turn and Face Medusa

 Rhino horns, Elephant tusks, Lion hunts

a red mist descends, a hopeless paralysis

 Plastic plastic everywhere

·       Bags on the street

·       Bags in the sea

·       Microplastic we drink, fish swallow, we eat

·       Shrink-wrapped cucumber

·       Plastic bottles – oceans of them

·       Recycling, biodegrading, burning

·       Dump our recycling far away

to pollute distant lands, out of sight, not our problem.

Water, water – drying out

climate catastrophe.

Extinction rebellion


I go into overwhelm and switch off

pull the duvet over my head

close down, turn away, block my ears


More plastic bottles,

coffee cups with plastic lids.

Where to put my cat food pouches?


The search for biodegradable bin bags, wet wipes?

Eco-footprints, carbon footprints

Air travel, diesel engines,

disappearing rainforests,  rainforests disappearing … for ever.


Species go extinct,

palm oil in Bisto gravy browning

plastic factories making more and more and more,

and wet wipe mounds pollute the beaches.


Open your minds, open your eyes

Open your hearts.  Face the truth!


Turn, turn, turn to face Medusa.


Anna Meryt

7 July 2019


Inspired by a talk by Joanna Macey (Active Hope) Environmentalist.

Medusa – the Gorgons  from Greek mythology, hair made of venomous snakes, those who gazed into her eyes would turn to stone.



Hatshepsut - I declare before the folk who shall be in the future ...

For anyone who hasn't seen this on Facebook 

Hatshepsut was the daughter of an 18th Dynasty King called Thutmosis I. She married Thutmosis II her half brother who died after a 14 year rule. They had a daughter, Neferure. Thutmosis II had a son by a concubine who was a child at his death, so Hatshepsut, his stepmother, became regent. She reigned until her death in1428 BCE more than 20 years later. She took on full royal male titles.

After she died, her stepson who became Thutmosis III, had her name chiselled out of many monuments ...
The wonderful Hatshepsut Temple was built by her and her architect/consort Senenmut at Thebes.

The inscription always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up becase it's as if she's talking directly to us today ...
This is another of the keyboard exercises I used to set in HMP Holloway, to type up the inscription.
Amun is Amun-Re King of the gods. The king she refers to is herself.
The photo (above) is from a wall painting of Anubis, god of the underworld, from Hatshepsut's temple. I took it in the late 80's when I was employed by Hayes and Jarvis to travel by boat down the Nile and give lectures about Ancient Egyptian history to tourists annually.

The Obelisk Inscription

Next Poetry Performance is at Forty Hall Farmer's market, Enfield on Sunday 14th Aug

 Last Sunday at Edmonton 7th August went well!  Enthusiastic audience turn out for the Poetry pagoda tent and great poets.

Next Sunday !!! Poetry ...live and free !!! 14th Aug

Farmers Market, Forty Hall, Enfield - it's in the Open Barn tea area.

I'm doing two slots 12.30 noon to 12.40 and 13.00 to 13.10 p.m, but there's an excellent line-up of poets including Mary Duggan, Chrissy Evangelou, Julian Bishop,  Rob Saunders, Lenny Varvarides, Anne Alexander, Ayfer Orhan

All kinds of poetry from comedy to climate change, from mental health to buying new shoes.

Not to be missed.