Jousting with James

Jousting with James
Preparation and action
  1. Wear full body armour
  2. Mount horse
  3. Take javelin from squire
  4. tuck under right arm firmly
  5. point straight ahead
  6. pull down visor
  7. give whooping battle cry
  8. kick horse into a gallop
  9. pound down the turf
  10. Now narrow focus
  11. aim for target rider
  12. aim for his head or chest
  13. aim to knock him off his horse
  14. duck his javelin which is aiming for you
End Results
  1. You are alive
  2. You are alive but battered and muddy
  3. You are mortally wounded
  4. You are dead
  5. He is alive
  6. He is alive but mortally wounded
  7. He is dead
You win some you lose some eh?


Sometimes words
gallop from my mouth
in a disordered rush
and eyes glaze over
under the barrage.

when its warmth that I feel,
cold razor words fall from my lips
and the distance to bridge
becomes a glacial chasm.

Sometimes words
are so futile and grey
for painting passions
that could explode in a rainbow
of numberless colours
that I despair.

a chord sounds
when I look in someone’s eyes
and a note of harmony
hums between us.
These moments, though rare
keep me in tune.

Anna Meryt ©