A wedding celebration and two poems

I seem to be in a poetry writing phase, now my book has been published (here's the link again if you want to buy it on Amazon  A Hippopotamus at the Table).  I've written three new poems in a week and two more longer ones are started and being planned.

Today I went to a celebration of a wedding, a Jewish wedding, two people who have been together for fifteen years and are older than me (even).  I met this couple - Glen and Sharon at the Buddhist retreat I was on for a month in December, in South Africa  - although they are not Buddhists and only stayed for ten days, we bonded and became firm friends.  They stayed in touch and were kind to me when I returned to Jo'burg some months later after travelling to Botswana, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and various other places down the SE coast of the Cape (if you click the Travel Writing tag at the top of this blog/page you can read all about it.)  They took me out for a lovely meal on my last day in S Africa (at the end of February) and drove me to the station to catch my plane. We've stayed in touch ever since. They often visit UK to see Sharon's daughters and grandchildren. It was such a pleasure to share their celebration and to hear songs in Hebrew and watch traditional dances).

I brought a couple of poems to the event and was asked to read them out - they're on the essential nature of relationships and the joy they can bring .  Here's they are

Solo traveller
An intake of breathe
starts our solo adventure,
and we discover we're alive.

If you’re there, waiting on the shore,
the demons can't ever drag me down
into the cold watery deep.

I can bring the boat home
and tell of mad and plunging seas,
escapes from waves as big as houses....

But solo, without you waiting,
crowded thoughts will buck and kick,
corralled, no one to tell.

Tell me of your day -
the smallest details are
the music of our company.

Sharing my day, the who said what
to her or him or me,
we chase back the wild dark seas

and the rhythm of my voice
brings comfort and order
to your voyage.

Mattering is everything,
not just in general
but in particular.

To have a place to harbour,
to anchor our souls,
brings us safely to the quayside.

Solo we enter, solo we leave
but journey together
while we can.

written 2007

* * *

...and here's the second one

Moments of joy

I store up the moments
of joy that you give me,
glorious sparkling jewels.

I thread each shining specimen
carefully onto a golden thread
and sometimes take them off

one by one to examine
polishing their perfection

then clasp them
around my neck
hanging loose

close to my heart

Written Jan 2003


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