If you missed the book launch but still want to buy the book ...

If you missed the book launch ...

Where to get A Hippopotamus at the Table?
Well its on Amazon UK, but it's come to my attention
that some people don't like Amazon and don't buy things from Amazon. Wow!
In case you're NOT one of those ie you DO use Amazon...

CLICK HERE for Amazon books UK -  link to A Hippopotamus-at-the Table

If you are one of those, ie you don't use Amazon - you can buy my book direct from The Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green - tel: 0208 881 6767.  All you have to do is phone them and they will send you a copy - free postage.

Click here to go to THE BIG GREEN BOOKSHOP's website

The Kindle version will be out in the next week.

If you don't want to buy it, its not your thang - I really don't mind.

The book launch and my readings from the book will be on You Tube this week and I'll post up a link

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