10 things to do to get away from all the hearts and flowers - it'sValentine's Day again and for all you single people out there -

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Ten things to do
to get away from all the hearts and flowers everywhere you look, if you're not in a relationship and in no hurry  to be ...

1.  Go to your nearest bookshop and spend time browsing holiday books to help decide what country you're going to visit next. 
2. Check out on Google the cheapest flights and accommodation in the places you fancy travelling to. 
3. If you work from home - take a walk in the nearest park. No dog to take?  Join BorrowThat Doggy and hook up with a local dog owner who needs the dog taken out occasionally while they're at work.
4. If you're at work, in your lunch break, find the nearest open space, wrap up until you look like a Yeti and walk around - look at the sky a lot.  If it rains take shelter in a good café and order a hot chocolate with marshmallows.
5.  Shopping therapy - go after work or take some time out.  Buy something frivolous. No money? Go to Poundland gadget section (OK OK but I love it) or buy a notebook there to write hopes and dreams in.  .
6. After work or later on go to a bar where the focus is NOT on Valentine couples - there are a few - order a cocktail and a bowl of fat chips with mayonnaise.
7. Write a letter to your future self (in 5 years time) telling him/her that you had these five goals for yourself and that you're glad that now they've come true. Picture yourself living that life with your goals come true.
8. Look up Meetup.com and join an activity at the weekend which involves doing something unusual, creative or active - you get together with a group of people for the activity. .. local walks, art classes, baking, quiz nights, writing groups, bird watching.  You never know ,you might make a new like-minded friend.
9. Go to a movie in the evening (with or without a handy friend) - make sure it doesn't involve any romance. It's actually fun going on your own, you choose what you like - cartoon, action movie whatever, bring your own snacks. Or get your favourite takeaway and either watch a movie or 6 episodes of a box set on Netflix.
10. Think of what you could treat yourself to - a special girls night out with friends or (for guys) watching a football/rugby/ snooker match in the pub with your mates? Send friends an sms and see if you can fix it up for tonight or if not at the weekend.

Just remember - it's only one day and the whole of the media will switch to another event tomorrow.

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